Call for submissions for Issue 2!

Yesterday at our meeting we announced the theme for issue 2 which is… (drumroll please) Fire and Light!

We hope this theme inspires you to come up with some great stuff to submit and remember you are free to interpret the theme as you like. However please don’t be put off submitting if your work doesn’t fall under this theme as you can also submit work off-theme too. We are also running a flash fiction competition based around this theme on our Facebook page, so get involved over there!

Some general house-keeping points now. For those of you planning to write critical pieces, please use the English department’s style sheet when referencing the work of other people. Also, please submit any work to our email ( In the subject field of your email please include the title of your piece and whether it is a creative, critical or hybrid submission. Submit your piece as an attachment on the email and please include a short abstract (or blurb) summing up what your work is about. (These guidelines are mainly for ease of editing and to make sure your work ends up going to the person best suited to look over it.)

Deadline for submissions: Monday 12th November to be published in Issue 2 on Monday 19th November.

Get writing and get submitting!

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