Shattering, on Fearsome Streets

Matthew Dunn

If he or she should walk, in a heated glare

With no fixed abode,

Without a care in the world sent in their direction,


– Alongside barred opportunities with unwritten signposts,

(“Addressless: We’ll ward you away!”),

And only the sound,

Of two footsteps sulking, seeping hope, with too much loneliness going spare–

Then a fuller life,

With a hint of serenity’s breeze,

Without having to clutch paranoid tendencies,

Would be well worth the efforts of all involved…


…and it would

Mean more than any artist’s opus,

Or any hymn of highest, kindest faith,

As the pendulum howls and crashes down now, on those

Who are catapulted

Mercilessly, with tears undried,

To the place of near-Atlantean, sky-rising woes:

The constricting cyanide

Of feeling lost-of-all,

In the gloom

Of living

With Out.


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