Gift of Friendship

Folakemi Falodun

This is a shout out to all the fabulous true friends in the world!
Friends you always have to plead with to stop taking the bullet
for you, because “they really are crazy like that” I believe in true
friendship because it is the purest Love.

God how did I get so lucky with a gift so rare. It baffles me how she
lives her life while trying to make mine so fabulous! She has shared
her dreams, love, life, fear, shoulder, bed, past, future and even
family with me. She is the friend that’s more than a sister. And if we
ever change our inclination, I’ll have me a really sexy lover! I lost
counts of so many times I will gladly cry, as long as you were there
to see and make me feel better. I wish I could be there for you half
as much as you have been for me, but I’m not as incredible.

By her name, she’s gift to the world, but I am the one who gets to
be with her. “I have her” and wake up every day thanking God for
that. The only person I can make a complete fool of myself with and
we’ll just laugh about it. Oh! I have been searching everywhere for
anyone else close to being like you since we met, I’m still searching.
I want to show the world love and kindness, maybe that way I can
share the beauty of such an impeccable life with you.

Don’t change, stay the same, you are my whole inspiration, support
and strength, just the way you are. So they say you aren’t perfect?
Who cares, you are exactly what I always wanted, if that isn’t
perfect, I wonder what is. I heard “People always leave, they always
fail”, except you have never left nor failed. Things may never get
better, but it is ok, as long as you are here with me through it all.

I’ll live always grateful that I found you and you me. My best and
only true friend.

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