We are Panting…

Folakemi Falodun

A lot of times we wonder about all of our failures, mistakes, past, future and even looks! We neglect how precious life is, through every breath we take; we forget that it is delicate, volatile and on a schedule. Every time we live, wearing out this breath, we must remember that Life itself is THE GIFT, once it goes everything else goes with it. So whatever the case, lets breathe to live not leave.

We feel prayer has lost its taste
That Love again has gone to waste
And life over has missed its race
We say God is there a way?

But pray twice daily, dusk and dawn,
Love purely; with your mind and soul,
Live freely; by the friends and foes,
Sure go on live and don’t ask

Don’t ask why the loaf hasn’t creased,
Why thorn on the Rose hasn’t flicked,
Why death and foul has not ceased
Just breathe, yes breathe It’s a gift!

This one, you haven’t asked nor earned
By births, made with dates of crash
Why strive hard by day and night
It sprouts only with time and thrives

Hold, if you find the right One
Spend, with and for the right course
For only on the day it fizzles,
Will you then realize its true worth


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