by Jessie Carbutt

Nervous flickering, wavering chance

blow and leave it, or leave to dance.

Carefully sigh; tempt more flames to catch.

Or snap it all out, let them go black.



You could use it- burn old photographs,

or light up from dark, memories past.

And with those old smiles, fade them to ash,

or use that soft light, lead their words back.



Without thought you’ll burn those you love,

but hold the heat close, you’ll warm them up.

Ignite each birthday on candle tips

or swiftly steal a breath, step back,

to seal a wish within the wax.



Smother the ash from your cigarette

Force their voice down into hopeless gloom

choked and smothered within smoke fumes.

Or flick your wrist in this black construct,

lift them in light of matches you struck.



Kiss the fire, and stamp it out,

Leave them cold, to deal without.

You kindle flames that rip them apart

plunging the demons blind in the dark.

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