Sweet Dreams

by Claire Jefferson

IMG_1468From the ruck of her moonstuck raft
she  d a b b l e s  in fantasy,
conjures her folded-desires into
the unbound wings of dreamers.

Not for her the breathy s i g h of angels,
hers are rebel wings } { wings to ruffle feathers
to fly in the face of the common place,
the  jam-on-Sunday-stale-bread  pace.

to  s o a r  over land-locked-and-keyed lubbers,
steal the silver light from the lover’s  m o o n.

She’s in cahoots with plume-hushed owls,
plunders bliss with plum-soft nightjars,
until the night begins to roil and foam –
she stirs the stars with a frozen spoon.

In the thick of it comes the wake-up call,
the stalling beat of the Icarus fall –

she’s pitched like a pit into thick-set day.




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