written by Melissa Shode
edited by Betty Doyle

I rest against the deep howls of the night
And wish for a better time.
The sky bestows upon me
An unforgiving darkness.

Often I have the urge;
To inhale the yellow flower
But always pick the blue;
To surrender to beauty, to grace and to reason,
All of which disguise themselves
As oblivion –
An end I reach for
Even yearn for;
As habitual as the sunset eating up the day
And spitting out the night.

Goddess of the elements;
She weeps wetting the cracks
In between my fingers,
But it is not enough
To destroy the ghost
Of your touch.
When you see me wearing
The blue gown
Tell them I didn’t drown.
I just ran out of ways
To erase the taste of you.




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