Post Tenebras Lux

written by Melissa Shode
edited by Betty Doyle

I once caught Beauty
Slumbering in madness.
And she thanked me
For letting her stay.

Darling, tell me it’s not too late to run and hide,
Darling, tell them it’s not suicide –
I’ve broken it again,
And it’s much too hard to hide.

I’ll remember this time.

Sit back, inhale –
The cloud will choke the sunshine,
And when the poisonous blanket kisses my lungs,
I promise I won’t make a sound:
Not a retch, not a splutter –
I promise I’ll die this time.

I guess you had no idea it was quite so bad,
But the view is glorious.
Post Tenebras lux,
Isn’t that both beautiful and mad?


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