Run Rabbit Run

written by Leah Bennett
edited by Hannah Clarke



Hear our footsteps? The momentary crunch, ever wonder if that sound lingers around for others to hear?  If sounds did linger then you’d never be able to go anywhere that was quiet.  Can you imagine that? No silence in all the world, always noise, always movement, always my mind always.

Shh! Now follow my lead, that’s it, light subtle movements, almost as if you’re one of them.  Rabbits I mean! That is why we’re here isn’t it, this is your first rabbit hunt.  Ah! The woods, home of all tales.  Just imagine, if trees could talk, the secrets they’d tell!  They’re the beautiful tongue-tied story tellers, we can only fathom what things have met their ever glaring gaze.  Anything could happen here and there’d only be the withered old topiary to silently call.

No Finn don’t interrupt me.

Hiking! That’s what this reminds me of.  You know when I was about your age I used to come up here with my dad and we’d hunt rabbits together.

No please don’t call me Mr Penningsworth, that was my father, you can call me Lance.

You see young Finn, the beat has changed and, as these leaves do, we must all dance along to the change, as if they were seasons.  Just like the trees, welcome the wind to relieve their aching branches of the paralysis of holding up the leaves, we too must find our own breeze to break the hum drum of our own lives that engulfs us.  Don’t you agree boy?  Hear that? The sweet chitter chatter of birds oh they’re the authors of the sky!  Who knows those seemingly innocent chirps we naively associate with the greeting of a new fresh bright sunny day.  They have to fresh, they can’t be yesterday’s chirps unless sound lingers of course then they would be.  And if that’s true then what else doesn’t progress?  Like an eternal groundhog day Finn we are in an eternal groundhog day and they call it living.  The birds chirping could be the toxic spillage of many a cloak and dagger fable for all we know.  Finn, take this breath, feel renewed, breath in as if it’s your first fresh breath of the morning and make it different from the one yesterday.

Oh yes! Good eye! I see the fluffy vermin too by the rabbit hole! Haha! As if it thinks it can hide from the eager barrel of my gun.  You take this one.  That’s right hold the gun up…slightly higher and…Pull! Oh, so close, better luck next time champ.

Now? Yes. Yes! No? Soon? Okay soon.

No I wasn’t talking to you…who was I talking to? No one, I didn’t say anything.  All this fresh air is getting to you.  I told your mother not to let you stay cooped up in your room all the time.  You’re free, you’re a free bird and a free bird should be allowed to fly.  Now you’re here you can.

See champ, the thing is, these rabbits you see all flouncing around perking their peachy pink noses up to the sky, they’re small, they’re insignificant, they’re ours. They’re a lesser being.  Do you know what that means? It means we own them.  We get to do with them whatever our hearts desire because they are powerless and weak, unable to stop our intentions, just as we are to the mighty lord, the ultimate oppressor.  He has dominion over us just as we have over such creatures as these.

The way I see it Finn, you’re my rabbit.

Run Finn! Run rabbit run! Don’t look back! Your feeble squeaking is to no prevail.  Who will the birds tell?  Rely on the pitter patter of your tiny feet as you pray to the god you don’t believe in to save your sorry soul!

Silence.  Sounds don’t linger, we know now.

Yes! Yes! It’s done.  Didn’t you see? Oh what can I do to silence you, my whining mind?  It’s Finn, he’s looking at me with those dead eyes clinging onto life as a leaf does to its branch, slowly bronzing over.  You couldn’t be saved.  The beautiful sadness that runs through you Finn will feed these ancient poets, make them grow stronger than ever and oh how I envy you.



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