Last Night’s Nightmare

by Katherine Maynard, with commentary from Jenny Grealis

My body spilt against yours,
In a bathroom of disrepute/disrepair,
Your tools dismantled me;
Tearing my hair
My dress
My flesh.

Underneath fluorescence I screamed your name.
The magic of skin on skin,
Panting the soundtrack to the break-in,
Months of compliments enchanted me:
Young girl with wide eyes
And wider hips.

Halfway across the world I have been transported back inside myself,
Inside but not reaching deep,
Only my womb was torn
My brain is merely scathed.

I only think of it in a waking dream,
Lips pressed to skin,
Laughter floating to ears,
Hands folded in mine.

You can be inside that space,
And I can hold you in that embrace,
But this body cannot trap the dreams
Of a woman who is without desperation/desecration,
This temple which invites false gods.

Praying at my altar,
Sacrificing all time, energy, blood.
Goddess of lust revered your gifts,
Only to be torn asunder.
Not realising your sacrifice was (my) flesh,
For a wife’s eyes to silently thresh.

A bitch in heat,
A piece of meat,
That’s all I will ever be
To me.

One comment

  1. caitlan walton · November 23, 2016

    I loved the imagery here Katherine. How you capture beautifully from the very first line how a perfect, sensual moment can become utterly tainted by the aftermath. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

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