Leave Me To The Autumn Wind

by Georgie Kett, with commentary from Matt Tattersall

Swift as a gust of autumn wind you struck,

Flurried, befuddled, my life I found bound.

One brief look, an instant was all it took,

Dry leaves scattered, laid out dead on the ground.

A flush of scarlet lips, the spark of gold,

A drip of warm blood, the rain it did fall.

The feel of your eternal warmth took hold;

Putrid stench, knotting stomach to a ball.

Leaves stop clamouring at our mud-caked feet!

Dissolve in the puddle of tears we cry.

If I should bewitch this rain into sleet,

This autumnal wind may aid me to fly!

Pounding hearts shan’t save our love- no more lies.

My leaves and I flutter in autumn skies.



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