Welcome to the Selfish Me

By Amrit Bhullar, with commentary from Alice Hiley

I don’t want the potent sun to murder the sky, Where the bluebirds fly.
They, sing the lines of our fictitious lives.

I don’t want to exchange my native tongue from when I was young.
They, are divergent, too far – flung

I don’t want Mothers guardians to shed their children,
Some dull, some bright, but green in the horizon.
They, are the portal to the world beyond our human one.

I don’t want every open eye to judge myself and I,
The forgotten one born in the summer of July.
They, whisper and laugh

I don’t want the oceans tears to wash away this happiness
It has kept me safely trapped in this deluded state.
I don’t want to share my sacred demons with the believers of the above
They can suffer the way I suffered.

I don’t want the clear white moon to be the one I follow
It will only point me in the wrong direction.
I don’t to share my deepest darkest thoughts
They will scare you away, you the one I need.


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