Established by undergraduates in the Department of English Literature and Creative Writing at Lancaster University, Flash seeks to be an exciting forum for literary criticism and creative writing which moves beyond the restrictions of degree-level assessment. This stems from a belief that students looking toward postgraduate study or careers in writing and publishing do not currently have an opportunity to gain experience in these areas through their assessed undergraduate work.

We aim to promote a sense of playful anarchy throughout the issues. As the title suggests, Flash seeks short, experimental literary contributions (although we also accept longer pieces). We also wish to encourage discussion and debate through this site’s comment facility.

The Department of English Literature and Creative Writing at Lancaster University is a forward-thinking, innovative department informed by award-winning writing and outstanding scholarship. The department’s quality of research and teaching have placed Lancaster at 8th in the UK for English and 1st in the UK for Creative Writing by the Complete University guide, and 11th in the UK for English and Creative Writing by The Guardian University Guide. The university is also within the top 100 in the world for English by the QS World University Rankings.

By email: lancasterflash@gmail.com

Flash Editorial Committee, 2019/20

Executive Editors
Alex George, Third Year
Benji Holmes, Second Year

Publicity and Events Officer
Sam Allport, First Year

Lauren Brooke, Third Year
Lauren Hurst, Third Year
Tea Nicolae, Third Year
Thomas Lingard, Second Year
Imogen Dickens, First Year
Cat Smith, First Year
Beth Train-Brown, First Year

Flash Editorial Committee, 2018/19:

Executive Editors:
Alex George, Second Year
Tea Nicolae, Second Year

Publicity and Events Officer:
Meg-Shona Halpin-Webster, First Year

Amrit Bhullar, Third Year
Lisa Muraguri, Third Year
Lauren Brooke, Second Year
Lauren Hurst, Second Year
Benji Holmes, First Year
Thomas Lingard, First Year

Flash Editorial Committee, 2017/18:

Executive Editors:
Rachel Poultney, Third Year
Teodora Nikolova, Third Year

Publicity and Events Editors:
Jenny Grealis, Third Year
Danielle Miller, Third Year

Alice Hiley, Third Year
Ruth Jones, Third Year
Sarah Jane Calleneder, Third Year
Leena Sidat, Third Year
Olivia Foskett, Second Year
Chrissie Dawson, Second Year

Flash Editorial Committee, 2016-2017:

Executive Editors:
Srishti Kadu, Third Year
Teodora Nikolova, Second Year

Publicity and Events Editor:
Jenny Grealis, Second Year

Alice Hiley, Second Year
Jess Phillips, Second Year
Katie Simpson, Second Year
Matt Tattersall, Second Year
Rebecca Shaw, Second Year
Ruth Jones, Second Year

Flash Editorial Committee, 2014-2015:

Executive Editors:
Joshua Wilson, Third Year
Sianne Fraser, Second Year

Becca Parkinson, Second Year
Betty Doyle, Second Year
Hannah Clarke, Second Year

Publicity & Events Editor
Chandler Yang, Second Year

Flash Editorial Committee, 2013-2014:

General Editors:
Emma Burridge, Third Year

Second Editors:
Daisy Mortimer, Third Year
Jonathan Eldridge, Second Year
Lauren Hartshorn, Second Year
Dan Owen, Postgrad

Publicity and Web Editor:
Amber Goodwin, Third Year

Flash Editorial Committee, 2012-2013:

General Editors:
Emma Earnshaw, Third Year
Layla Hendlow, Third Year

Second Editors:
Elena Jones, Third Year
Dan Wilder, Third Year
Josie Campbell, Postgrad

Web Editor:
Emma Burridge, Second Year

Flash Editorial Committee, Summer Term 2012:

General Editor + Founder:
Jonnie Critchley, Third Year

Critical Writing Editors: 
Emily Robertson, Third Year
Emma Earnshaw, Second Year
Lee Dickson, First Year

Creative Writing Editors:
James Clewes, Third Year
Elena Jones, Second Year
Imogen Joinson, First Year

Flash is aided by the Department of English and Creative Writing at Lancaster. The editors are particularly grateful for the support of John Schad, Jen Ashworth, Brian Baker and Lindsey King.

For more on the conception and establishment of this project, and a vision for sustainability and development, see our constitution.

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