Valentine’s Day

Julia Molloy

Infuriatingly intangible
and inescapable when I sit down
in the soft, fleshy armchair that demands
reading. I’ve decided that books aren’t books
without love. Some form of it anyway.

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Layla Hendow

Look. Just there.
It’s that early morning haziness,
like some strange insomnia, or drug
of the wind and air; that we breathe inwards
like carried whispers,
to help us stay awake.

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WATER!!! Wash It Off Me!

Doyin Olaniyan

It is a tribute to the fascinating, cleansing and symbolic powers of water. It aims to capture the various ways we turn to water for succor. Be it on health, religion, shame, relaxation, freedom or relief grounds.

Wash it off me, wash it off me
The grime of a hard day’s work
The proof of my sweat and toil
Water, water, wash it off me.

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Amber Goodwin

Closing inward, your warm hand draws my wrist, where
nails impress purple moons on papery pressure points .
Your heady spin pulls me from the room,
silent and delicious,
into a whirl: a sinking, helpless boat
whose sailors have long abandoned it.
But in some pools we would happily drown.
A wild, waltzing galaxy:
spinning until sickened faces melt and candles glare.
Heartless conjurer of swirling dust-
what tricks keep us dancing?
Trapped in the smarting gravity,
With your two steps forward and mine back.
You lead.