Jonathan Eldridge

The Leseratte;
whiskers tickling over pages.
Black eyes
trawling through a wealth of scraps.
Nose moist
with thick, melancholic envy.
Book bins
filled with tattered sheets and broken spines.

The intuitive rummager,
falling between each venerable name,
trying too cleverly to hook
these naïve claws of a nobody
onto the tentative attention
of other bookish scavengers,
reading the slippery, slithering tales. Read More



Jonathan Eldridge

Nail to bitten nail,
cheek to prominent cheek,
as you paint
I gnaw
and flick ends
onto the floor.

Eyes blink,
spying ink.

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We are Panting…

Folakemi Falodun

A lot of times we wonder about all of our failures, mistakes, past, future and even looks! We neglect how precious life is, through every breath we take; we forget that it is delicate, volatile and on a schedule. Every time we live, wearing out this breath, we must remember that Life itself is THE GIFT, once it goes everything else goes with it. So whatever the case, lets breathe to live not leave.

We feel prayer has lost its taste
That Love again has gone to waste
And life over has missed its race
We say God is there a way?

But pray twice daily, dusk and dawn,
Love purely; with your mind and soul,
Live freely; by the friends and foes,
Sure go on live and don’t ask Read More

Festivity haikus

Thomas R. Parker

This collection takes the theme of ‘Festivity’ and attempts to follow the strict triumvirate formula
of English Haiku – each haiku uses a 5/7/5 syllable structure and uses caesura to juxtapose two
thoughts or images.

Valentine’s Day

A most tender kiss –

turned into unbridled lust.

But ends in embrace.

Mother’s and Father’s Day


for all they have done. Such as

criticise and judge.


Bitter frost fades out

as winter recedes. Pastel

shades breathed on canvas.

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Gift of Friendship

Folakemi Falodun

This is a shout out to all the fabulous true friends in the world!
Friends you always have to plead with to stop taking the bullet
for you, because “they really are crazy like that” I believe in true
friendship because it is the purest Love.

God how did I get so lucky with a gift so rare. It baffles me how she
lives her life while trying to make mine so fabulous! She has shared
her dreams, love, life, fear, shoulder, bed, past, future and even
family with me. She is the friend that’s more than a sister. And if we
ever change our inclination, I’ll have me a really sexy lover! I lost
counts of so many times I will gladly cry, as long as you were there
to see and make me feel better. I wish I could be there for you half
as much as you have been for me, but I’m not as incredible. Read More