Garden Through a Magnifying Glass

James Berger

Hemipterous insect with air where its wings should be –
Some other
Has them as a mantel trophy;

It crawls down the stem of its one flower, looking
For abnormalities
In its delicate ecosystem life
But finds the surface smooth, though slightly speckled
From rainwater,

It reaches the bottom of the stem,
But realises it’s perfectly happy where it is,
On its own flower – on account of
Its stamen fortress, its stigma company,

That, and its inherent sense of survival
Tells it to be.


Psuchē Dēlōsē

James Berger

Abstruse manifestations in the mind, methamphetamine
Of the sinews, surrealistic in their depiction of
Memories: Remembering that once you had
Life’s meaning. Dismissed as irrelevant,

of the lacklustre drudgery put in by the Earthen political deities
to safeguard the answer from the big screens.

Meditate on the kaleidoscopically vivid visceral images that darn themselves together
With little explanation of their significance or
Usefulness in relation to solving
Your deliberations.
Your skin still prickles
With the impression of a past knowledge

but, for the life of you, you can’t remember
Where you buried it, and your archives
Have traces of miasmic propaganda

and half truths,
so are defective. It’s on the tip of your tongue

but for crimes against censorship,
your tongue was cut out.

Now Screening

James Berger

Welcome to the starlight screening of my dreams – now
in dazzling Technicolor, what many are calling ‘a delight, a sheer feast
for the eyes,
As real as reality,

Only can be referred

To as magical’ –

‘A cirque magnifique’

‘Dämmerung symphonie’

‘Opera de los sentidos’ –

‘A spectacle’

Free entry for those with the qualifications
Or touch.

Osteological Symmetry

James Berger

These effigies we burn
Of skeletons. These relics we cherish
Of skeletons. The personality
Of a sack of 206 bones (including metacarpals), not forgetting of course the genitalia

or tongue,

All with which to bring another sack of bones
To an almighty quiver.