Issue 1 (Summer 2012):

Coffee Pot – Layla Hendow
One Moment – Lee Dickson

Issue 2 ‘Fire and Light’ (November 2012)

Floating Fire – Layla Hendow
Shattering, On Fearsome Streets – Matthew Dunn
Carbuncle – Chris Witter
What Is a Peacock Without Its Feathers? – Doyin Olaniyan
Glow, Down, Die – Joshua Wilson
Mamihlapinatapai – G.W.
The Dragon – Jonathan Kennedy

Issue 3 ‘Old and New’ (January 2013)

The Sun Sets – Leigh Nixon
adolēscere: a poem – Laura Marsden
Re:late – Dan Wilder

Issue 4 ‘Love’ (February 2013)

Valentine’s Day – Julia Molloy
Fair – Layla Hendow
Water!!! Wash It Off Me! – Doyin Olaniyan
Fringe Benefits – Tom Pinder
Dancing – Amber Marie Goodwin

Issue 5 ‘Festivity’ (April 2013)

Festivity haikus – Thomas R. Parker
Gift of Friendship – Folakemi Falodun
We are Panting… – Folakemi Falodun
Leseratte – Jonathan Eldridge
Synergy – Jonathan Eldridge

Issue 6 ‘[super]natural’ (August 2013)

Moor Top Cottage – Thomas R. Parker

Issue 7 ‘Renaissance’ (November 2013)

Psuchē Dēlōsē – James Berger
Osteological Symmetry – James Berger
Garden Through a Magnifying Glass – James Berger
Now Screening – James Berger

Issue 8 ‘out in the cold’ (February 2014)

Dark – Alako Abdul-Hafiz
The Gale – Chandler Yang
In the Cornfield – Catherine Whitmore
Blinded – Sandra Ussellman
Mr. Emmeline Pankhurst – Megan Smith
Ascension – Simon James
The Retrograde of Mercury – Betty Doyle
Platform Level – Amber Marie Goodwin

Issue 9 ‘[re]generation’ (May 2014)

Regeneration: Out Of Cracks I Come – Chandler Yang

Issue 10: Quentin (October 2014)

Quentin – Walker Zupp
Two Eyes, No Soul – Leah Derbyshire
Stoic – Aleena Ahmed
Redemption – Sam Heslop-George
Waves – Siobhan Mitchell

Issue 11: Afternoon (December 2014)

Afternoon – Laura Lewis
Two Golden Weeks – Sam-Heslop George
Def-Com 5 – Walker Zupp
Colour Amongst Grey – Sam-Heslop George
A Night Full of Fun – Michael Keramidas

Issue 12: The First Time (February 2015)

The First Time – Jack O’Hagan
Bah Bum-Hug – Jo Buttner
Caracal – Raj Vismere
First Anniversary – Lesley Burt
Julie – Charlotte Baker
Tick Tick, Tock: Goes the Freedom Clock – Lara Thorne
Oh Barbara – Antonia Markou
Conviction – Frances Wilde
Buy One Get One Free – Claire Jefferson
What do you know about the Vikings? – Paul Atherton
Never In It – Walker Zupp

Issue 13: Sweet Dreams (March 2015)

Sweet Dreams – Claire Jefferson
A Father and Son – Same Heslop-George
14/3/15 – Walker Zupp
Bed Time Story – Rebecca Freeman
Candles – Jessie Carbutt
Empire State of Love – Cristina Marongiu
Thorns – Rebecca Freeman


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