The Team

The following people are the current editorial team of Flash. The committee have different literary interests; readers and potential new writers are encouraged to find the most relevant person to contact on this page with any enquiries or suggestions for new content. Contact should be made with the Editorial Team,, in the first instance, who will pass on communications.


2017/18 Editorial Team:

Rachel Poultney

Co-Executive Editor


Rachel is a third-year undergraduate studying Literature with Creative Writing and Practice. She’s interned in publishing house Comma Press, been published in poetry anthologies, and won awards for her short fiction writing from best-selling authors. In her free time, you can find her interchangeably napping in the sun and binge reading novels. Oh, and sometimes she bakes a fantastic cake.

Teodora Nikolova

Co-Executive Editor


Teodora Nikolova is an award-winning poet and published writer. She’s also won poetry translation awards and currently works as a freelance journalist for the Bulgarian national daily paper “24 chasa”. She contributes works to HerCampus, and runs a literature and pop-culture blog “o, narcissvs”. In her free time, she likes watching a lot of Netflix and experimenting with her newfound cooking abilities.

Jenny Grealis

Publicity and Events Editor


Jenny is a third-year English Lit and Creative Writing student from Preston. She’s currently trying to get to grips with American Literature, whilst finding the time to read all the works of Ali Smith. In her free time, she enjoys playing badminton with questionable skills.

Danielle Miller

Publicity and Events Editor


Danielle is our second Events Co-oridinator!

Alice Hiley



Alice is a second year English Literature and Creative Writing student from West Yorkshire. She’s wanted to be an author or writer ever since she stopped wanting to be a ballerina at age six. When she’s not tucked away in the library trying to understand Victorian or Renaissance lit, she’ll be found doodling in lectures, swimming, writing articles for, wearing copious amounts of green, and worrying about the future of the country and the Great British Bake Off.

Sarah Jane Callender



SJ is one of our third-year undergraduate editors

Ruth Jones



Ruth is a third year English Lit student hoping to get into publishing someday. She loves reading and writing short stories, and has a soft spot for Victorian gothic (though really she just reads whatever she can get her hands on).
When she isn’t editing for the Flash Journal, she’s haunting either the library or the TV station, listening to musicals and trying to stay warm.

Olivia Foskett



Olivia is one of our second-year undergraduate editors.

Leena Sidat



Leena is one of our second-year undergraduate editors.

Chrissie Dawson



Chrissie is one of our first-year undergraduate editors.

Gabby Conroy

Illustrator/ Graphic designer


Gabby is a third-year undergraduate student, her degree being in Marketing & Design. Art has always been a passion of hers – she could be tucked away working on her next portrait for hours on end and never get bored. Graphic design excites her (to the point where she even forgets to eat sometimes). A self-confessed Beatles enthusiast and a crime-drama buff, she adores the world of literature and secretly wishes she was Jane Austen’s best friend. Although her friends complain about her love for all things Nicholas Sparks she doesn’t mind, she’s an old romantic. She also enjoys sports, fine dining and travelling to foreign lands.


Previous Executive Members:

Emma Earnshaw 2012/13

Layla Hendlow 2012/13

Emma Burridge 2013/14

Josh Wilson 2014/15

Sianne Fraser 2014/15

Sam Heslop-George 2015/16

Sianne Fraser 2015/16

Sristi Kadu 2016/17

Teodora Nikolova 2016/17


Rachel Poultney 2017/18

Teodora Nikolova 2017/18



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