The Team

The following people are the current editorial team of Flash. All of the committee have different literary interests; readers and potential new writers are encouraged to find the most relevant person to contact on this page with any enquiries or suggestions for new content. Contact should be made with the Editorial Team,, in the first instance, who will pass on communications.


2016/17 Editorial Team:

Srishti Kadu

Co-Executive Editor


Srishti is a third-year undergraduate studying English Literature with Creative Writing. She enjoys reading and writing short stories across various genres. She has previously done a work placement with Penguin Random House in London and has also worked for Indian Express as an intern.When she’s not caught up in typical student life she enjoys taking part in various adventure sport activities like bungee jumping, paragliding, and zip-lining (because why not?). Having spent most of her life in the city of Mumbai, she struggles with the cold and windy English weather. So if you see a tiny, shivering, bundled-up human shuffling across campus in the middle of summer, feel free to say hi.

Teodora Nikolova

Co-Executive Editor


Teodora Nikolova is an award-winning poet, and published writer. She’s also won poetry translation awards, and currently works as a freelance journalist for the Bulgarian national daily paper “24 chasa“. She contributes works to HerCampus, and runs a literature and pop-culture blog “o, narcissvs“. In her free time, she likes watching a lot of Netflix and experimenting with her new found cooking abilities.

Jenny Grealis

Publicity and Events Editor


Jenny is a second year English Lit and Creative Writing student from Preston. She’s currently trying to get to grips with American Literature, whilst finding the time to read all the works of Ali Smith. In her free time she enjoys playing badminton with questionable skills.

Alice Hiley



Alice is a second year English Literature and Creative Writing student from West Yorkshire. She’s wanted to be an author or writer ever since she stopped wanting to be a ballerina at age six. When she’s not tucked away in the library trying to understand Victorian or Renaissance lit, she’ll be found doodling in lectures, swimming, writing articles for, wearing copious amounts of green, and worrying about the future of the country and the Great British Bake Off

Jess Phillips



Jess is a second year English Literature with Creative Writing student yearning for a career in writing or editing. Her friends tell her this is a good career path, as it might mean she stops correcting their grammar whilst texting. She enjoys a good psychological horror, as well as the odd bit of romance, and is a sucker for anything that makes her cry. She’s had a couple of short stories published, and in 2015 was shortlisted for the BBC Young Writers’ Award.
She’s currently obsessing over Harry Potter, country music, and Red Dwarf

Katie Simpson



Katie is a second year English Literature and Creative Writing student who is hoping to make her mark in the world of media and publishing. Born and bred in the Lake District (a.k.a the land of all things literary and Romantic), she has been an avid reader and writer from a young age. Katie particularly enjoys reading the likes of Stephen King and Sophie Hannah as well as the odd classic such as Wuthering Heights and Dracula. Outside of Literature, Katie takes insight from both the fashion and film industry which she hopes will ignite some inspiration for her writing.

Matt Tattersall



Matt is a second year undergrad studying English Literature, Creative Writing and Practice. He has spent quite some time studying the ‘classics’, ranging from Ancient Greek tragedy, to Victorian novels and Romantic Era poetry, but he also enjoys modern fiction. Outside of the literary sphere, his interests include listening to out-dated music, and playing instruments such as the ukulele and violin. Like many people Matt is fond of the Harry Potter series, but holds the perhaps unpopular view that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child reads like bad fan fiction. He likes to think that if he had been editor for the script, things might have worked out differently, and “the canon might have been saved”.  

Ruth Jones



Ruth is a second year English Lit student hoping to get into publishing someday. She loves reading and writing short stories, and has a soft spot for Victorian gothic (though really she just reads whatever she can get her hands on).
When she isn’t editing for the Flash Journal, she’s haunting either the library or the TV station, listening to musicals and trying to stay warm.

Gabby Conroy

Illustrator/ Graphic designer


Gabby is a second-year undergraduate student, her degree being in Marketing & Design. Art has always been a passion of hers – she could be tucked away working on her next portrait for hours on end and never get bored. Graphic design excites her (to the point where she even forgets to eat sometimes). A self-confessed Beatles enthusiast and a crime-drama buff, she adores the world of literature and secretly wishes she was Jane Austen’s best friend. Although her friends complain about her love for all things Nicholas Sparks she doesn’t mind, she’s an old romantic. She also enjoys sports, fine dining and travelling to foreign lands.


Previous Team Members:

Josh Wilson – Executive Editor (2014)

Chandler Yang – Editor (2014)

Sam Heslop-George – Assistant Executive Editor (2015)

Lauren Wood – Editor (2015)

Sianne Fraser – Co-Executive Editor (2015)

Becca Parkinson- Publicity & Events Editor (2015)

Siobhan Mitchell- Publicity & Events Editor (2015)

Hannah Clarke- Editor (2015)

Betty Doyle- Editor (2015)

Tanjida Hossain- Editor (2015)


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