Issue 10: Quentin

A Letter from the Editors

Welcome everyone to the first Flash issue of the 2014-2015 academic year. We’re a brand new editorial team and we’re very excited to present, what is in our opinion, one of the very best issues of Flash so far. The pieces this issue are very eclectic and vary exponentially in tone, though they are all exceptional creative texts and we are extremely proud to present them today.

Aside from the actual writing for this issue, the new team has enacted a variety of changes: the most obvious being the new website design! It is something that desperately needed updated and it remains an ongoing project to ensure that Flash is at the forefront of literary publications at Lancaster University. If you know anybody who would be able to help us in this endeavor, please contact us.

Another great addition to Flash is the election of an Editor’s Choice piece for each issue. The Editor’s Choice piece is the one which stands out and stunned the editorial committee. The writer of the piece will be featured at our launch parties and in the issue, as well as awarded with a commissioned piece of artwork inspired by their piece.

With that announcement we would like to present Issue 10’s Editor’s Choice piece to Walker Zupp, the author of Quentin, for which the issue is named.

Thanks to all the members of various departments who have supported the new editorial committee in our first issue, especially Vicki Haslam, John Heywood, Janet Tyson, Jenn Ashworth, Lyn Kellet and Graham Mort. A special thanks to artist Karis Lambert for her excellent board sketches.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the issue.

The Flash Editorial Committee.




The Editor’s Choice Piece, Quentin
Walker Zupp, with commentary by Rebecca Parkinson.

“Walker Zupp has written a brilliant piece which could have been safe and familiar but instead explores new levels of weird but wonderful imagination in a piece different to any I have ever read. I love the everyday and colloquial style intersected with the sci-fi, the harrowing themes of addiction and secrecy, the surprising and clever structure. It is no wonder we chose to name this issue after this piece!”

Two Eyes, No Soul
Leah Derbyshire, with commentary by Joshua Wilson.

“Derbyshire’s analysis of the Islamic State resonates through the harrowing personal tale of a single woman. Under the overt politics of the piece lies a broken, placated person who throws up a single beacon of resistance against a regime of oppression and internalised violence.”

Siobhan Mitchell, with commentary by Sianne Fraser. 

“‘Waves’ is an immensely beautiful portrayal of nostalgia. The lines themselves are wonderfully constructed; both their imagery and their varied, unpredictable layout successfully reflect the author’s desire to return to, or even become one with, the beach that brought her so much joy in her childhood.”

Sam Heslop-George, with commentary by Hannah Clarke. 

“A piece which explores the fact we never truly know when our secrets are going to be revealed and makes us question whether we can ever hide from our pasts. ‘Redemption’ uses Fresher’s week and the idea of new beginnings to provide hope for the characters that quickly test one another’s ability to trust. ‘Redemption’ is a piece which evaluates new beginnings and makes us wonder whether we will ever truly know all the secrets of the people we meet.”

Aleena Ahmed, with commentary by Betty Doyle.

“‘Stoic’ by Aleena Ahmed is short in length, but bustles with endless meaning. One of the qualities of a great poem is that the reader can return each time and come away with new ideas: for me, ‘Stoic’ keeps me guessing and re-imagining.”


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