Issue 11: Afternoon

A Letter from the Editors

Hello and welcome to our second issue of the 2014/2015 academic term! Your new editorial team are still working hard to promote creative writing throughout all the departments and are extremely excited about the pieces we have had for this issue.

After the success of our launch party, we are going to continue hosting them for every issue and hope to see more and more people attending and appreciating the hard work of our dedicated writers.

The Editor’s Choice piece for this issue is Laura Lewis’ Afternoon, but again your editors at Flash would like to thank all those who contributed and who are making this year’s journal its most successful.

Special thanks to artist Hannah Boaden for providing this issue’s artwork awarded to the Editor’s Choice issue. More of her art can be found here.

From us all at Flash Merry Christmas! We hope to see you next term with more creative writing, and we hope you enjoy this issue.

The Flash Editorial Committee


The Editor’s Choice Piece, Afternoon
Laura Lewis, with commentary by Betty Doyle.

“The sign of a good poem is it’s versatility: it is fluid, open for numerous interpretation, and presents a new face whenever it is read. Everytime I read Laura Lewis’ ‘Afternoon’, I am happily puzzled by its meaning: it requires me to work, to dig a little deeper to reach the treasure buried in her stunning and unusual imagery. Not only is it intriguing: it moves, it breathes, it is busy with ‘rising and falling’. For me, ‘Afternoon’ was a clear winner for the Editor’s Choice award: encased in such a short poem is a Pandora’s Box of images and emotions that spring upon the reader and untangle before them.


Two Golden Weeks
Sam Heslop-George, with commentary by Chandler Yang.
“In this beautifully poignant piece the past walks into a renowned author’s life. The antagonistic nature of past happiness is explored into its darkest corner. Vivid images. Lyrical words. Philosophical narration. Two Golden Weeks is not a story one would cry over: it is a story that makes one stronger, guarding one’s past with everything one has.”

Walker Zupp, with commentary by Hannah Clarke.
“This enigmatic, refreshing yet dark piece of work engages the reader from the start and does not let go until the final chilling conclusion. A story of thoughts and human weakness it provides an insight to the unseen, potential obscuring thoughts of performance. With realistic characters, speech and a deadly ending, this piece provides thoughtful entertainment.”


Sam Heslop-George, with commentary by Chandler Yang.
“Ridicule of modern student life is floss-picked by the author to bleach our convention ideas. The corruption of Jeremy Kyle’s show. The narcissist hypocrisy. The perversity of studying English Literature. The guilt of our ‘honourable institutions’. The paranoid fear within our society. Follow Colour Amongst Grey through the narrator’s daily life encounters and provocative debates; you’ll find in the core a powerful, humorous read amongst the drabness of life.”


Michael Keramidas, with commentary by Sianne Fraser.
A Night Full of Fun is an unnerving piece of flash fiction that is able to create tension through what the author does not say. The subtlety with which the author writes allows for multiple readings of his work and multiple interpretations, which makes A Night Full of Fun an intriguing read that frequents the reader’s thoughts long after they have finished the text.”

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