Issue 13: Sweet Dreams

A Letter From The Editorial Committee
Hello everyone, and welcome to the 13th issue of Flash! On behalf of the editorial team I would like to thank you all for your submissions and your continued support, even in the face of Week 20 deadlines. It was lovely to receive such a variety of submissions, some even being sent in from overseas!

We hope you enjoyed attending the final Launch Party of the term; it was lovely being able to catch up and unwind with you all before the Lent vacation.

The Editor’s Choice for this issue is Claire Jefferson’s poem Sweet Dreams. Although Claire is currently studying away from Lancaster, she can still expect to receive her framed and signed certificate in the post soon! Congratulations Claire, and thank you to all our other writers who brightened the end of our term.


We would also like to thank so many people for the success of our very first event this year: The Uncanny. Without the support of our guests, our speakers Jenn Ashworth and Dr. Catherine Spooner, and our open mic participants Neil James and Siobhan Diston, the night would not have been as successful as it was. An extra special thanks to Jacob Lawton who provided great live music for event too and really gave it that authentic touch. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves, as the Committee certainly did. Keep your eyes peeled for our next event being held next term.



From all of us at Flash, thank you so much for your submissions and your support. We hope you enjoy your well-earned vacation, and we wish you all the best for the final term.

The Flash Editorial Committee 

The Editor’s Choice piece, Sweet Dreams
by Claire Jefferson, with commentary from Becca Parkinson.

“Claire’s amazing vocabulary continues to astound me, as does her masterful use of spacing and punctuation. This piece is her dabble in fantasy while muddling with the mundane, it’s beautiful, and a much-deserved Editor’s Choice winner.”

A Father and Son
by Sam Heslop-George, with commentary from Chandler Yang.

“Simply brilliant. A pilgrimage in search of an answer – peace of mind – for both characters and readers. An ending that fulfills nothing, and yet, everything. A short story of craft and emotional intelligence.”

by Walker Zupp, with commentary from Becca Parkinson.

“The way Walker has structured his work is ingenious and key to this amazing piece. The lines running into each other takes you on a fleeting journey which crescendos up to a brilliant finale. Walker continues to showcase his exceptional talent for storytelling.”

Bed Time Story
by Rebecca Freeman, with commentary from Hannah Clarke. 

“A unique and emotional perspective on the importance of childhood memories and the moments shared with out parents. Bed Time Story is a heart-rending short story which beautifully captures the father and daughter relationship through a classic tale.”

by Jessie Carbutt, with commentary from Betty Doyle.

“An enigmatic and moving poem that uses a candle as a symbol for a past relationship that leaves the reader feeling peaceful through it rhythmic lulling rhyme scheme, but also captures the attention through its startling imagery.”

Empire State of Love
by Cristina Marongiu, with commentary from Betty Doyle.

“Almost ode-like in its form, Empire State of Love weaves a story of lost loves swallowed up in New York City; however the poem avoids cliche and manages to weave mystical imagery along its storylines, enticing the reader into its new world.”

by Rebecca Freeman, with commentary from Hannah Clarke. 

“Short, bittersweet and thoughtful, this piece of flash fiction questions if we will ever truly know the past of those closest to us. Against the beautiful, vivid descriptions of the landscape this is a mother with a dark secret and even darker view of the world.”




  1. Stella Wulf · March 20, 2015

    Thank you Becca, for your lovely commentary and thank you also to who ever provided the art work; it looks great. I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s work.

    • lancasterflash · April 21, 2015

      Hi Stella,

      Thanks for your comment; we only just received it for some reason. We hope that your artwork got to you in tact!

      Josh, Exec Editor

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