Announcement: Issue 20!

Issue 20: Meditations on Decapitation is now out! Click here to message us for buying a copy!


As you may have noticed, we have not uploaded Issue 20 onto WordPress as of yet. This is because, in a big celebration for the Issue, we have decided to launch it in print! We are currently selling copies of the print issue for just £2. Since our launch on Tuesday night, we have sold more than 40 copies, and there are only a limited number left, so if you’d like to grab a copy of this issue, please click on the link above and drop us a message saying how many copies you want.

On Tuesday night we had our launch party for Issue 20 combined with our annual Poetry by Candlelight event at the University, and it was a bigger success than we could have ever imagined. We witnessed a turnout of almost 60 people, and were overwhelmed by the positive response. Thank you so much for coming, and we hope you enjoyed the evening.

We’d like to give our special thanks to all our readers: Rose Proudfoot, Dan Power, Sam Steele, Walker Zupp, Dominic O’Sullivan, Matt Haw, Holly Lovering, Samia Durani, Thea Nikolova; to our award-winning guest speakers Paul Farley and Eoghan Walls, and those who helped us go into print and organise this event: Sally Bushell, Anne Stewart-Whalley, Janet Tyson and Milena Wobbe. We are extremely grateful for your help.

Thank you to all our contributors for supporting us. We hope to work with you again. Congratulations, also to Micah Bradley on winning the Editors’ Choice Award for Issue 20.

We hope everyone had a lovely evening. We look forward to doing a lot of new and exciting things in the year ahead

P.S. All of the money we make is used for funding more events, and allowing us to print future issues. So if you attended the event but forgot to buy a copy, or really enjoyed it and want to support events like this in the future, please message us to buy a copy. We really appreciate your support.


The Flash Editorial Committee