Issue 23: Dust

A Letter from the Editorial Committee

Welcome to Issue 23: Dust

Bringing you Issue 23 of Flash this term is a very special moment for us, the editors, and one we are extremely happy to share with you. This is now our fourth issue that is coming into print! Believe us, we are still excited that you get to hold these shiny pages, as we hope you are! We are even more thrilled to unveil this issue at the third annual Poetry by Candlelight event, which marks the one year anniversary of us going into print, and is now one of the cornerstones of Lancaster University’s poetry performance scene. For those of you who would like to purchase the landmark Issue 20, copies are still available at £2 and can be requested by emailing us at or at the bi-weekly Poetry Café events in Costa Coffee. We are especially grateful for the support of the amazing Poetry Café performers, many of whom you will find featured in this issue.

While fanning the flames of Issue 23, we were also working on bringing you a new, and improved Flash, with the biggest changes being that we are now going to bring out one issue per term, and make it a great, brighter one, with even more poetry and flash fiction. The other one, being a gift to our amazing contributors – hopefully, starting with Issue 24, we will have an official ISSN, which will open many more doors to those who’ve been gracious enough to share their writing with us, and with you, our lovely readers.

With that being said, we would like to give a great thanks to all the talented writers who worked with us to bring you this issue. As always, we are also immensely grateful to the English Literature and Creative Writing department, who provided us not only with this unique platform of expression, but also with the initial funding it took us to expand into print territory, and continue to bring you more events, and more unique and wonderful voices from Lancaster!

All that remains is to present you Issue 23, named after our favorite piece, Dust, by Alice Pickersgill.


The Flash Editorial Team


Editors’ Choice: 


Who Cuts The Barber’s Hair

By Alice Pickersgill, edited by  Teodora Nikolova

Alice Pickersgill entrances us with the wonderful range she demonstrates with both her accomplished prose in the flash fiction piece Who Cuts the Barber’s Hair, and the beautiful, image-saturated poem Dust.  Her style distinguishes itself with a particular attention to detail, and a unique perspective of inferring out the beauty of the human experience through the small moments.

Café Bem Vinda

By Ioan Powell, edited by  Sarah Jane Callender

Buenos Aires I

By Katie Barnes, edited by  Ruth Jones

The Fermi Paradox

By Oscar Stirling Payne, edited by  Alice Hiley


The Painter’s Sonnet

By Eleanor Watkinson, edited by  Alice Hiley

Someone Found Beautiful

The Unconscious

A Late Night Realisation

By Heidi Quill, edited by  Teodora Nikolova


By Jack Walker, edited by  Ruth Jones


By Sophie Carroll, edited by Leena Sidat