Issue 24: Moths

Welcome to Issue 24: Moths


This term passed us by in a flash (ha!), and we are thrilled to bring you Issue 24, Moths, titled after Oscar’s lovely story. This term was both exciting, and melancholic for us – a large part of the committee is now well on their way to graduation, and hopefully when you next hear from us, we will be sat behind heavy desks, smoking fancy cigars. For now though, we are still very much present in Lancaster, supporting our striking lecturers, and enjoying the submissions you sent us.

And send you did!

We received so many wonderful submissions, this term, that it was nigh impossible to decide which ones to include in this issue. We have had a lovely time of reading your work and being reminded of why we joined this venture in the first place.

As always, we can’t thank all the talented people who send us their creations enough! And of course, thank you – our readers, whose continued patronage makes working on Flash possible, and allows us to keep bringing you some of the best original writing from Lancaster students. A great big thanks goes out to the entire Lancaster University Literature Department for supporting us, and the lovely performers at Lancaster poetry café for working with us.

We hope that you enjoy what we have in store for you, and we are unbearably excited to unveil this issue, number 24 – Moths!


The Flash Editorial Team



Editors’ Choice : Moths

By Oscar Payne, edited by Olivia Foskett


Fire and Moonlight

By Jillian Hauschild, edited by Jessica Phillips



By Fiamma Curti, edited by Leena Sidat



By Max Bover, edited by Rachel Poultney


The Mole

By Eleanor Colquitt, edited by Danielle Miller


Living, Breathing Robots

By Kayla Jenkins, edited by Ruth Jones




By Will Jacks, edited by Teodora Nikolova


A Woman’s Place

When I am a Parent

By Siobhan Regan, edited by Alice Hiley


Space Monkey

By Tea Nicolae, edited by Teodora Nikolova