Issue 18: I am Unimpressed.

A letter from the editorial committee

Welcome to Issue 18: I am Unimpressed.!

We have been very busy over the last few weeks organising our next big event in collaboration with the Lancaster University Writers’ Society and Campus in the City. On April 28th we will be hosting Flash Floods, a creative writing workshop followed by an open mic session (featuring award-winning, guest performers Graham Mort and Eoghan Walls!) inspired by the December flooding; the aim of the event is to show the local community what it is we do at the university, as well as raise money for the Lancashire Flood Recovery Fund. If you would like to perform your work, or would like to know more, check out the event on Facebook here.

We hope you enjoy the issue!

The Flash Editorial Team


The Editors’ Choice piece: I am Unimpressed
by Stephanie Heaven-Terry, with commentary from Betty Doyle

‘Proving they are worthy of this issue’s Editor’s Choice, Stephanie’s poems jostle with visceral and illuminating imagery, while her precision with language creates vivid art-pieces I was proud to have edited.’


Wiltshire Rock
by Stephanie Heaven-Terry, with commentary from Betty Doyle (see above)


Run Rabbit Run
by Leah Bennett, with commentary from Hannah Clarke

‘Run Rabbit Run pushes literary conventions and themes and truly makes the reader think. A thoroughly entertaining piece which is both refreshing and highly contemporary.’


Love Song
by Pete Pringle, with commentary from Tanny Hossain

‘A wistful short story, serving as a reality check for couples whose love blossoms in a cloistered university bubble. Pete employs the use of nostalgia to verbalise the struggles of marriage; one which is run aground by a lack of communication.’